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    Welcome to the web site of Excellent Products, the number one producer of high-quality fasteners to promote traffic safety and safe working conditions.

    Who are we?

    Since 1976, we have produced cargo securing products like tie downs, bungees, trailer nets and towropes. Products that promote traffic safety under the brand name JUMBO and CROSSAFE. If you secure goods or loads, there is a good chance that you are using one of our products.

    In addition to our JUMBO products, Excellent Products also develops and manufactures innovative, patented and certified concepts for which the central focus is on the customer.

    Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

    We work based on a long-term vision and invest heavily in our relationship with our customers, suppliers and employees and care for the environment.

    Our main office is located in the Netherlands. The production department is located in Vietnam.

    What we stand for

    Excellent Products works hard to put traffic safety high on the international agenda. A great deal of room for improvement remains in this area. Which is why we dedicate ourselves to developing high-quality products that promote your safety, and to manufacturing these products with respect for people and the environment.

    Excellent Products. Your safety is our concern.

    Monique Ansink,
    Managing Director Excellent Products

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