Purified Drinking Water

Purified Drinking Water

Bottled water Dragon is a qualified product of Long Hau Joint Stock Company. With the modern production system of US advanced technology, and the water quality is managed in foods hygiene and safety procedure, strictly and appropriately in accordance with pure water manufacturing standard QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT and TNCB 247/2016/YTLA-TNCB issued by Long An Health Department

With modern form of bottle, eye-catching model, flexible policy of sales and commitments of quality, Dragon product is earning more and more faiths from customers and stating its position on bottled water market. The product is now available for the enterprises in Long Hau IP, Hiep Phuoc IP and is distributed widely in Long An, Ho Chi Minh City and the neighboring areas

For more details, please contact:

C/S Center – Long Hau Joint Stock Company

Mr. Hoang (0932 956 067 ) – Mr. Bao (034 864 2152)

Email: hoang.lv@longhau.com.vnbao.lhq@longhau.com.vn


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