- SME enterprises invest in supporting industries.
- Foreign enterprises need to open small factories or rent offices to explore the Vietnamese market.
- Enterprises belong to clean industries: garment, optical cable, lab, electronics & industries needing cold system,...

- Flexible area, modern design.
- 3-layer security.
- Preferential price compared to the market.
- Professional management team.

- 1st floor loading: 1 ton/m2.
- From 2nd floor to 6th floor loading: 600kg/m2.

The flexible layout and division in factory area according to investors' demand:
- Ground floor to 5th floor: flexible division area from 500m2 and above.
- 6th floor: from 200m2 and above.

The partition is used by fireproof gypsum board for dividing the factories.

- The import-export goods area is equipped by three cargo lift systems with a load of 2.5 tons/lift.
- For large and heavy machinery and equipment, they will be transported by the front door of high-rise factory.
- Staff working in high-rise factory will move by private elevator in front of the factory: 3 elevators with a load of 800kg/elevator.

The fire protection is designed with fire protection sprinkler system, ensuring suitable for all investment industries in high-rise factory without re-designing nor reviewing.

There are 4 exits:
- 1 exit door at the lifting cargo area.
- 1 exit door at staff elevators.
- 2 exit doors at toilet.

- Average from 100 KVA - 300 KVA for each floor.
- In case there is a need to use more power than prescribed, investors cooperate with Long Hau, the maximum capacity can supply 500 KVA for each floor.

Investors design and install their own cooling systems for their factories depending on the needs of each investor.

Only backup generators are available for public lighting areas, corridors and shared walkways.

To ensure security in the high-rise factory the camera will be installed at the following locations: security guard gate, around the outside of the factory buildings, public areas.

The factory will be painted Epoxy background in the color of brand identity of Long Hau, in case investors have other colors, please inform the person in charge of business before the construction of the paint.

Collection points of domestic and hazardous waste are located outside the building, there will be regular collection units.

- 2 car parking areas in front of the building.
- 2 parking areas behind the building.

The minimum duration of contract is 5 years.

- Deposit: 3 months.
- Payment: monthly.

Service management fee: 0.5usd/m2/month.

Completely free IRC and ERC implementation for investors renting high-rise factory.

In case the investor terminate the contract before due date, they will be penalized 8% based on value of the rest time of contract.
EX: Rental fee is 50 millions VND dong per month with 5-year contract; finished 4 years then the investor would like to terminate the contract, the penalization would be: 8% x 12 month x 50mil = 48 mil VND dong.

In case the investor terminate the contract before due date then switching to renting land of Long Hau or other factory with larger arear to expand business operation, LHC will not apply any surcharge or penalization.

Please contact Business Department for more information and promotion terms.