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Da Nang Hi-Tech Park: An attractive destination for investors

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With strengths in economic development and attractive investment incentives, Da Nang Hi-tech Park is an ideal destination to attract small and medium enterprises at home and abroad.

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1. Advantages of Da Nang Hi-Tech Park

Geographical location

Da Nang Hi-tech Park has a convenient location in terms of air, waterway, road and railway: 5km from Lien Chieu port, 25km from Tien Sa port, 17km from the airport and the city center, respectively. 22km. The transportation system from the high-tech park to the seaport and airport has been completed to help reduce costs for investors. In addition, because it is located on many arterial traffic routes, it is also convenient to connect with neighboring industrial parks, urban areas and regional links.
The Hi-tech zone is located in a rich natural landscape, clean natural environment, near resorts and eco-tourism (Golden Hills, Thien Park, Ecorio). This is an ideal environment for the formation of an eco-high-tech urban area, providing investors, scientists and workers with a favorable living and working environment.

Natural condition

Although located in the central region, which is affected by many natural disasters, Da Nang Hi-Tech Park is favored by nature:
- Terrain: High ground and surrounded by mountains help limit impacts from natural disasters (storms, floods, thunderstorms, ..) to a minimum.
- Geology: Belongs to the metamorphic, crystalline magma system to help prevent subsidence
- Ecological environment: Having an eco-friendly ecosystem with many trees. Possessing a large water surface area, actively supporting the construction of the surrounding landscape

Area and functional areas

Total area: 1129.76 ha
- Functional area: 673.94 ha (60%)
- Hills, water surface and trees: 45.82 ha (40%)

Functional areas:

- Production area: 208.08 ha
- Logistics, logistics and high-tech service area: 29.76 hectares
- Management and administration area: 39.29 ha
- Key technical infrastructure project area: 7.07 ha
- Ancillary area: 39.26 ha
- Research - development, training and business incubation area: 94.51 ha
- Residential area: 37.12 ha

2. Areas of attraction and investment incentives in Da Nang High-tech Park

Investment attraction field

- Automation and precision mechanics
- Mechatronic technology, microelectronics and optoelectronics
- Social network; software
- Biotechnology for healthcare, agriculture and fisheries
- New material technology, nanotechnology, new energy
- Environmental technology, petrochemical service technology and some other special technologies

Investment incentive policy
Decree No. 04/2018/ND-CP dated January 4, 2018 stipulating preferential mechanisms and policies for Da Nang Hi-tech Park.

Corporate income tax incentives
- 10% discount for 15 years*
- Tax exemption for the first 4 years
- 50% off for the next 9 years
- Projects from VND 3,000 billion: 100% of compensation and site clearance fees are exempted

Land rental incentives
- During the construction period: Exemption for no more than 03 years from the date of issuance of the land lease decision (excluding cases of investment in construction, renovation and expansion of production and business establishments)

Exemption of the entire rental period for the project:
- Hi-tech application, manufacturing Hi-tech products according to the list specified by TTCP
- Industrial products supporting Hi-tech;
- Hi-tech incubation, Hi-tech business incubation;
- R&D; risky investment
- Investing in the development of water plants and water supply and drainage systems;
- House;
- Building a human resource training base

Exemption 19 years for the project:
- Merchandise exhibition center, supermarket, trade center
- Logistics center, goods warehouse (bonded warehouse, tax-suspension warehouse)
- Fitness and sports center

Exemption for 15 years for the project:
- Investment and business in hi-tech infrastructure
- Residential services (housing for experts, healthcare, cultural activities and other services related to the lives of residents in the Hi-Tech Park)

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3. Introducing the largest scale factory for rent in Da Nang Hi-Tech Park

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In the Hi-Tech Park, the largest-scale factory for lease is being deployed for high-tech manufacturing and high-tech auxiliary industries. The project has a total area of 29.6ha, invested by Long Hau Joint Stock Company (LHC), providing ready-built factories with flexible area from 1,500m2, including spacious factory area and offices. 2nd floor with modern design.

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The factory includes the production workshop and office area

Currently, phase 1 with an area of 10,000m2 has been completed and handed over to 2 Japanese investors. The next phase with a scale of 10,000m2 is being accelerated, expected to be completed in October this year.

ký kết hợp đồng

Long Hau signed a contract to hand over the factory to Hatsuta Seisakusho Co., Ltd

In addition to providing factories for lease, LHC also provides customer services to meet the diverse needs of businesses, including legal services such as applying for investment certificates, business registration, labor recruitment. , renovating and repairing factories…
Da Nang High-Tech Park in general and Long Hau High-tech Factory - Da Nang are the ideal investment environment for businesses in the face of the current wave of strong investment shifts. With the comprehensive and quick support of Long Hau, the investment going into operation will be accelerated, reducing risks.

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Long Hau Industrial Park - Partner in success
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