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The development needs of a foreign language center in a residential area in the vicinity.

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Today, English is no longer the only language that is commonly learned and used in big cities, even in rural areas where many families let their children learn English from a young age. It is worth noting that students need to master and be educated in an English learning method that is appropriate for the learning environment of the countryside in order to learn this language effectively.
The gap in English between urban and rural areas is gradually closing. In anticipation of those trends, many well-known foreign language centers have chosen to open more branches in neighboring provinces, for example, ILA recently opened a branch in Vinh Long City commercial center in March, 2021; VUS opened two more big branches in Di An city, Binh Duong ...
In the coastal areas in general and the area of Long Hau commune in particular, most of them are young population. According to local data, the number of temporary residents is about 80,000 people (including existing residents and workers in the two industrial zones of Long Hau and Hiep Phuoc). Surveying schools from primary to upper secondary schools within a radius of 5km, there are about 7300 students in this age. This is a large market that English language centers can exploit effectively. In addition, many enterprises in Long Hau or Hiep Phuoc industrial zones are planning to train and improve their foreign language skills for employees. It can be seen clearly that a prestigious foreign language center built in the heart of the region will enhance the value of life for the people here.
Long Hau's trading center with modern equipment will surely become an educational institution suitable to the requirements of foreign language centers. In addition to meeting the needs of modern facilities, the management board of Long Hau Industrial Park will support the media to make the enrollment process easy, helping to promote the brand image to customers in the most proficient way.
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