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Detailed standards of warehouse for chemical

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Warehouse for Chemical, when designed and constructed, must conform to standards and regulations of the Law to ensure safety for workers and the surrounding environment.
Chemical storage should be designed and constructed to ensure safety and be located in areas without lightning or near agents of fire and explosion.
Chemical storage
Chemical storage needs to meet the standards prescribed by the law

Currently, chemicals are being applied in many fields from industry to household tools, from manufacturing to scientific research. However, if not used properly, at the right dose, chemicals can cause unnecessary accidents such as burns, intoxication, ... and the most dangerous is an explosion. Therefore, when designing chemical storage workshops, investors need to comply with the standards prescribed by law.

Chemical warehouse design standards according to provisions

Article 4 of Decree No. 113/2017 / ND-CP, chemical storage workshops when built and designed should meet the following requirements:

1. Factories and warehouses meet national standards and technical regulations, suitable to the scale, properties and technologies of chemical production and storage.
2. Chemical storage must have a way or emergency exit. Emergency exits must be clearly marked by signal lines or warning lights. Emergency exit designs must be convenient for rescue, salvage and emergency exit in case of emergency.
3. The ventilation system of a chemical warehouse must meet the standards and regulations on the ventilation system.
4. The lighting system must ensure regulations to meet the requirements of chemical production and storage. Electrical equipment in flammable chemical stores must meet fire and explosion prevention standards.
5. The floors of workshops and chemical depots should be designed to withstand chemicals and loads, and not to cause slippery, good collection and drainage ditches.
6. Factories or warehouses when designing should have rules of chemical safety, signs of danger corresponding to the degree of danger of chemicals and hang in a conspicuous place. Signs showing dangerous properties should contain the following information:
  • Chemical identification code
  • Warning image
  • Word warning
  • Risk warning
Chemical storage 1
In the case of chemicals with many different dangerous properties, the warning image must show them all. In areas where hazardous chemicals are produced, specific instructions must be given for safe handling procedures and placed in conspicuous and readable positions.
7. Chemical factories and warehouses must have lightning arresting systems or be built in lightning protection areas to ensure fire and explosion safety, and warehouses must be periodically inspected according to current regulations..
8. With an outdoor storage tank, businesses need to invest in building dikes or using other technical measures to ensure chemicals do not escape into the environment in case of chemical incidents. At the same time, businesses also need measures to prevent fire and explosion.
9. Factories and warehouses must meet all conditions on fire and explosion prevention and fighting, environmental protection, labor safety and sanitation according to the provisions of relevant laws.
10. Requirements for chemical storage facilities to help minimize the risk of accidents caused by chemical incidents. Business owners as well as workers should strictly follow the rules to protect themselves.
chemical safety
In addition, according to Article 32 of Decree 113/2017 / ND-CP, the subjects that need training in chemical safety include:
  • Group 1: Leadership, senior management, mid-level departments, branches or equivalent.
  • Group 2: Full-time and part-time officials on grassroots chemical safety. Person directly supervising chemical safety at work.
  • Group 3: Workers are directly related to chemicals.
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