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Factory for rent | Factory Vietnam at good prices, low risk

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Businesses often have to build or rent industrial factories to serve their production needs. Ready-built factories to rent are typically a preferred option for businesses. Let's learn about the ready-built factory vietnam for rent models and get the latest updates on rental prices for ready-built factories with Long Hau Corporation.
factory for rent
Ready-built factory for rent

What is a ready-built factory for rent?

A ready-built factory to rent is a factory that is designed and constructed optimally to meet all production activities. The ready-built factory rental model will have infrastructure systems, ventilation systems, waste treatment, and production space. Everything is optimized and ready for businesses to rent.

Types of ready-built factories for rent

Currently, there are two types of ready-built factory rental in the market. There are low-rise ready-built factories and high-rise ready-built factories.

Low-rise ready-built factory for rent

A low-rise ready-built factory, also known as a single-story prefabricated factory, is a factory consisting of interconnected factory spaces. Each tenant has its own production area. Additionally, these factories have a common area for employees to take breaks. The channeling system and optimized design of the raised floor facilitate easy flow of goods. Moreover, the greenery system aims to create a green and clean working environment.
factory rental
Low-rise ready-built factory to rent

High-rise ready-built factory to rent

To optimize construction space, the multi-story ready-built factory rental model has been introduced. Due to its smaller scale, it also offers cost savings compared to interconnected factories.
factory rental
High-rise ready-built factory rental model
Furthermore, the high-rise ready-built factory places great emphasis on the design and construction of ventilation systems, fire exits, and pathways. This ensures smooth circulation of goods and creates a professional, safe, and comfortable working environment for all employees.

Specification of ready-built factory Vietnam

A high-quality prefabricated factory Vietnam must meet certain technical specifications and construction standards for industrial factory construction. Companies in need of factory rental should be aware of the following basic characteristics:
  • Roof Slope: Metal roofs should have a slope of 15-20%, tiled roofs should have a slope of 50-60%, and concrete/steel roofs should have a slope of 5-8%. 
  • The size of doors should ensure good lighting. 
  • Walls and partitions should have load-bearing capacity. 
  • Factory hall height is approximately +2.80m.
  • Platform load: 1,000 - 2000 kg/m2.
  • Factory Height: 10.7m - 13.3m.
  • Structure: Steel frame with electrostatically painted beams, two layers of anti-rust finishing paint, galvanized steel purlins of 2mm thickness, and Bluescope Lysaght roof and wall materials.
  • Ventilation System: Easy airflow and ventilation. 
  • Advanced fire protection and prevention system meeting current standards. 
  • Equipped with comprehensive security and wastewater treatment systems.
  • Water Supply System: Pure water supply, rainwater and wastewater treatment system. 
  • Separate electrical system for each factory, including backup power from the national grid and generators.
  • Auxiliary Items: Each factory has its own parking area. Security guards stationed at each workshop.

Should businesses buy or rent industrial factories?

Buying or renting a factory can help businesses optimize operating costs? Buying a ready-built factory or having one custom-made is a solution chosen by domestic and foreign businesses to stabilize the production process. In doing so, companies will establish administrative and operational departments to maximize the functionality of the factory.
factory vietnam
Should businesses buy or rent industrial factories?
Ready-built factories are usually sold at discounted prices to businesses that have previously rented from leasing units. In the long run, purchasing a factory in industrial zones can help companies save costs.

Industrial zone factory rental price

Rental price for industrial zone factories in the southern region

The industrial zones (IZs) in the southern region, especially in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), are an undeniable advantage for businesses as they provide favorable conditions for the transportation and distribution of goods to potential markets. According to a reputable website, In industrial parks of Ho Chi Minh City such as Tan Binh Industrial Park, the average rent is usually at 80,000 - 90,000 VND/m2/month in 2023.

Rental price for industrial zone factories in the northern region

The industrial zones in the northern region are distributed in major provinces such as Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, with prices ranging from 45,000 to 80,000 Vietnamese dong per square meter. Depending on the geographical location and the form of land leasing, construction, or rental of ready-built factories, the prices will vary.

Rental prices for factories in industrial zones near Ho Chi Minh City

For locations near Ho Chi Minh City, the common ones are Long An, Binh Duong, and Dong Nai. The average price in Long An Industrial Zone is around 70,000 - 120,000 Vietnamese dong per square meter per month. Additionally, Dong Nai Industrial Zone is also gaining attention, with rental prices ranging from 55,000 to 90,000 Vietnamese dong per square meter within the industrial zone.

Considerations when renting a ready-built factory

Ready-built factories are increasingly being chosen by businesses and companies due to their convenience, modernity, and cost-effectiveness. This has led to the strong development of the ready-built factory rental model. Therefore, to ensure the optimal and reasonable choice, tenants need to consider the following points:

Ready-built factory to rent, need more warehouse?

The need for additional warehouse space depends on the requirements of each business. Typically, existing factories are optimized to meet the needs of the business, so there is a warehouse area within the workshop space.
factory to rent
Rent a ready-built factory, do you need more warehouses?
Therefore, for businesses with small storage capacity, the warehouse area is sufficient. However, for businesses with a large amount of products to store and requiring a large storage area, it is advisable to rent additional warehouses.

Are businesses eligible for benefits when renting workshops long-term?

In order to attract businesses to rent factories long-term, rental units often offer preferential pricing for extended rental periods. Before renting, businesses should engage in detailed discussions to fully understand the discount policies, as each rental unit may have its own specific policies.

Support services and amenities for tenants

Renting a ready-built factory not only provides the space within the factory itself, but also access to various related amenities. These amenities include internal road networks, greenery, fire prevention and firefighting facilities, and more.
factory rental
Services and amenities to support factory tenants
Rental units also offer additional support services to enhance competitiveness. These support services may include accounting, human resources, consulting services, and more. These amenities and support services help businesses save labor and costs in operations, production, and business activities. Therefore, companies should research these services and support programs before making contract decisions.

Renting a workshop in Long Hau Industrial Park

If your business is in need of renting a ready-built workshop, you can consider the products and services offered by Long Hau Corporation. We are the investor of Long Hau Industrial Park Vietnam projects, which cover a total area of nearly 500 hectares. 
factory for rent
Renting ready-built factories in Long Hau Industrial Park
With 17 years of development experience, more than 200 domestic and foreign investors have placed their trust in Long Hau Industrial Park as a sustainable development partner. Long Hau Corporation always prioritizes the quality of infrastructure and brings the best solutions to businesses.
Above is the information you need to know about the ready-built factory for rent as well as the latest updated price list. We hope that this information will be helpful for businesses that have the need to expand production and invest in infrastructure.
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