High-Rise Factory

High-Rise Factory

To help businesses diversify their choice, Long Hau Industrial Park has developed a high-rise factory in Viet Nam with many facilities. With high-rise buildings, businesses reduce initial capital expenditures and also reduce operating costs through shared use of common facilities in the building. 

The High-rise factory is designed according to modern standards with solid structure that can integrate many functions. It can meet the needs of equipment installation and production of supporting industries. In addition, the high-rise buildings are fully installed utilities such as elevators, garages, power stations, backup generators, fire protection system.

Position: Front of Long Hau Street – Hiep Phuoc Street

100 – 3,300 m2 
A 6-stories factory with flexible area per storey

Factory/Office Building

The 6-stories factory with office building model suitable for enterprises of supporting industries and high technology

Area of leasing factories

Flexible leasing factories with area from 100 m2 to over 3,300 m2 depending on the needs of investors
Well-designed of length and width to fit with production line

Low rent - high quality
Built with high quality but offering lower rental costs than other standard factories. Additionally, investors do not spend much on building refrigeration systems.

Three-layer security system
 - 24/7 security staff around the industrial park,
- Security at the gate of the industrial park,
- Surveillance camera.

Professional Management of high-rise factory buildings

High-rise factory buildings are operated and managed by experienced staffs.

 Construction Area (stage 1 + stage 2)6,666 m2  
 Greens Area2,836.6 m2 
 Road Area4,680.4 m2 
 Land Area14,183 m2 
 Total floor area of 6 stories 
 Stage 119,998 m2 
 Stage 223,998 m2 
 Construction AreaConstruction Floor Area
Main factory - 6 stories – Stage 1
 3,333 m2
19,998 m2
High-Rise Factory
High-Rise Factory
High-Rise Factory
High-Rise Factory

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