Ready Built Factory for Lease

Ready Built Factory for Lease

Established in 2006, Long Hau JSC is one of the leading companies in investment and development of industrial park infrastructure. With more than 12 years experience of working, Long Hau offers products such as ready built factory for rent, factory for lease, warehouse for lease in Viet Nam, industrial land and workshop in Viet Nam. In addition, we also provide customers with bottled water, Long Hau Green Apartment Building and warehouse in Viet Nam.

Being close to Ho Chi Minh City and located on Ben Luc-Long Thanh high-way, about 12 kilometers from Phu My Hung, Long Hau have gained investors’ attention in factory for rent,  warehouse for lease Ho Chi Minh city, warehouse and workshop with well-known clients such as Lotte, Lock&Lock, Nippon Ham…

With professional staff and customer services, we help investors and enterprises feel confident and secure for their businesses. We commit to provide the infrastructure, products and services at the highest standard and contribute to the sustainable development of enterprises and investors.


  • Reinforcement of the factory ground: +2.85 m
  • Ground loading capacity: 1,000 – 2000 kg/m2
  • Maximum height of the factory:  10.36m
  • Structure: synthetic steel frame oil painted with 01 rust-resistant class and 02 finished classes, galvanized steel purlins 2mm thick, tole roof and Lysaght walls
  • Automatic lighting, telephone, FPF, lightning protection, and fire alarm system.
  • Clean water supply system, rainwater and sewage drainage system.
  • Supply system of low voltage electricity to each factory (including national power grid and reserved power from generators). Power Capacity: Phase 1: T1, T2, T3 stations: (2x1600 + 2000) KVA and reserved generators: 3x600 KVA. Expanded phase: T3-1 station: 1000KVA and reserved generators 80KVA for each factory (installed upon customer’s request)
  • Additional structure: each factory has a separate parking house/area. 24/24 security. Security station for each factory. 
Ready Built Factory for Lease
Ready Built Factory for Lease
Ready Built Factory for Lease
Ready Built Factory for Lease
Ready Built Factory for Lease
Ready Built Factory for Lease
No.Workshop TypeSize
(Length x Width)
1Workshop56 x 4822,688
2Workshop Type A140.1 x 2811,122.8
3Workshop Type A248 x 2811,344
4Workshop Type B1 -1a,1b,1c,1d16 x 3242,048
5Workshop Type B1 -2, B1 -3, B1 -4, B1 -5, B1 -632 x 6452,048
6Workshop Type B2 -1, B2 -2, B2 -3, B2 -432 x 10443,328
7Workshop Type C1, C2, C316 x 263416
8Workshop Type D1, D432 x 4821,536
9Workshop Type D2, D324 x 4821,152
10Workshop Type E1, E2, E3, E424 x 4841,152
11Workshop Type E524 x 401960

Compound Warehouse T4 has both office and working place. It conveniently located near HCMC center, SPCT port, the airport and accessible by public utility vehicles from the main road. It has a huge power, desalination plant and attract workforce that help to supply the needs of enterprise’s growing population. A diverse range of businesses have decided to locate in the Long Hau Industrial Park, which offers best facilities in area.


Junction of Tan Lap Street – Long Hau Commune and Long Hau– Hiep Phuoc Street

TOTAL AREA: 15,477 m2  (including 9 factories divided into Block A and Block B)

1.Three-layer security system

Security around the industrial park, security at the gate, camera surveillance

2.High quality construction  

Using high quality materials: floor 2 tons /m2 , Epoxy resin, Bluescope steel 

3.Costs and time saving 
Fully equipped offices are available and ready for use immediately


AdvantagesCompound Warehouse T4 Industrial land
Diverse and flexible areaFrom 800 m2  – 1,200 m2 5,000 m2  or more
Investment time saving  
-Initial handoverComplete factory with system of officesThe elevation of land plot is 1.8m
-Time to start operationEnterprises can go into operation immediately after the handover eventAbout 6 months to 1 year, depending on the implementation progress of each enterprise
-Necessary equipment (fire protection, electricity, water ...)Available for each factory and the whole T4 buildingEnterprises must obtain the licenses before installation of equipment required by law 
-Leasing termFlexible, the rental term is acknowledged from the date of signing leasing contract to the expiry of the lease.The entire leasing term, long or short, depending on the time of signing the leasing contract
Costs saving  
-Initial construction investment costsEnterprises do not need investment funds for initial constructionEnterprises need large investment funds for initial construction
-Maintenance teamLong Hau Industrial Park has a ready-to-serve maintenance teamDepending on needs of enterprises
-Infrastructure maintenance feeNoAccording to the general tariff of the industrial zone
-Compound design with separate boundary wallsGood security with 24/7 security at the gateAccording to each enterprise



Hamlet 3, Long Hau Ward, Can Giuoc District, Long An Province
Hotline: 0906 938 599 
Phone: (028) 3718 8927
Fax: (028) 3781 8940
Sales & Marketing Dept. (028) 3937 5599

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