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Ready Built Factory for Lease

Ready Built Factory for Lease
Ready-built factory vietnam for lease is becoming an investment trend to expand production and business, chosen by many business owners and companies. Because they help save time, costs, quickly go into the production process.
Ready-built factory for lease
Ready-built factory for lease

What is a ready-built factory for lease? How many types of ready-built factories are there for rent?

Ready-built factory for rent is a type of factory that is optimally designed and built to meet all production activities. The ready-built factory models will have the infrastructure system, ventilation system, waste as well as production space. All are optimally designed, ready for business to rent.

Currently, on the market, there are two types of ready-built factories for rent. There are low-rise ready-made factories and high-rise ready-made factories.

Low-rise ready-built factory for lease

Low-rise ready-built factory for rent
Low-rise ready-made factory, also known as one-story prefabricated factory, adjacent ready-made factory. They consist of adjacent factory spaces. Each tenant will have its own production area

In addition, this type of factory also has a common area for employees to take lunch breaks. The system of paths, the optimally designed lifting platform makes the goods circulation easy. In addition, the green tree system is also focused to bring a green and clean working environment.

High-rise ready-built factory for lease

High-rise ready-built factory
High-rise ready-built factory
In order to optimize the construction area, the factory model with floors was born. Because of the smaller scale, the cost is also more economical than the adjacent factory.

In addition, the type of high-rise factory is also very important in the design and construction of ventilation systems, emergency exits and roads. This ensures easy movement of goods as well as creates a professional, safe and comfortable working environment for all employees.

Specification of ready-built factory for lease

A quality prefabricated factory needs to meet the technical specifications and standards on architecture to build an industrial factory. Specifically, they have the following basic characteristics:
  • Slope of the roof: from 155 - 20% with corrugated iron roof, 50% - 60% with roof tile material, 5% - 8% with concrete and reinforced material.
  • Door size ensures a reasonable level of lighting.
  • Walls and partitions have bearing capacity.
  • Factory floor elevation: +2.80m.
  • Platform load: 1,000 - 2000 kg/m2.
  • Factory height: 10.7m – 13.3m.
  • Structure: steel truss frame with 01 anti-rust coating and 02 finishing layers, 2mm thick galvanized steel purlin, Bluescope Lysaght roof and wall.
  • Ventilation system, easy air circulation.
  • Advanced fire protection system, meeting fire prevention and fighting standards.
  • Security system, wastewater treatment system is fully equipped.
  • Lighting system, fire protection, lightning protection, telecommunications
  • Clean water supply system, drainage of rain water and wastewater.
  • Power supply system to each plant (including national grid power and backup power from generators).
  • Sub-categories: each factory has its own separate area garage. Guard house for each workshop.

Note when choosing to rent a ready-built factory, businesses need to know

Ready-built factory rental services are increasingly being chosen by many businesses and companies because of their convenience, modernity, and cost savings. This has led to the booming development of the ready-built factory rental model. Therefore, to make sure to make the most optimal and reasonable choice, businesses should note a few things as follows:

Ready-builtfactory for rent, need more warehouse?

Whether it is necessary to rent more warehouses or not depends on the needs of each business. Usually prefabricated factories are optimally designed to meet the needs of businesses. So in the factory space there is a warehouse area.

Therefore, for businesses with little storage, that warehouse area is enough to use. However, for businesses that have a lot of storage, need a large space to make a warehouse, the unit should rent more warehouses.

 Rent a ready-built factory, do you need more warehouses?
Rent a ready-built factory, do you need more warehouses?

Is the factory rental price preferential for long-term rental?

Currently, in order to attract customers to rent factories in the long term, leasing units often apply preferential rates when renting for a long term. Each lessor will have its own policy. Therefore, before hiring, businesses should discuss in detail to understand this policy, thereby saving significant costs for the unit.

Services and utilities to support factory tenants

Renting a ready-built factory is not simply renting space for use in the factory, but businesses also enjoy the accompanying facilities outside in the area. Typically, the internal road system, trees, fire protection, ...
In addition, to improve competitiveness, rental units also deploy additional support services. Typically, such as: accounting, human resources, consulting services, etc. These utilities and services will help businesses save effort and money for their units in the process of operation, production, business. business. Therefore, before deciding to hire, businesses should not ignore learning these support services and utilities.
Services and utilities to support factory tenants
Services and utilities to support factory tenants
The above is the relevant information about the form of renting ready-built factories. A model that is becoming an investment trend, the choice of many businesses. Hopefully through that you will make the most accurate decision for your production and business activities.
Contact to rent a ready-built factory in Long Hau Industrial Park
Address: Ham 3, Long Hau Commune, Can Giuoc District, Long An Province
Ready Built Factory for Lease
Ready Built Factory for Lease
Ready Built Factory for Lease
Ready Built Factory for Lease
Ready Built Factory for Lease
Ready Built Factory for Lease
No.Workshop TypeSize
(Length x Width)
1Workshop56 x 4822,688
2Workshop Type A140.1 x 2811,122.8
3Workshop Type A248 x 2811,344
4Workshop Type B1 -1a,1b,1c,1d16 x 3242,048
5Workshop Type B1 -2, B1 -3, B1 -4, B1 -5, B1 -632 x 6452,048
6Workshop Type B2 -1, B2 -2, B2 -3, B2 -432 x 10443,328
7Workshop Type C1, C2, C316 x 263416
8Workshop Type D1, D432 x 4821,536
9Workshop Type D2, D324 x 4821,152
10Workshop Type E1, E2, E3, E424 x 4841,152
11Workshop Type E524 x 401960

Compound Warehouse T4 has both office and working place. It conveniently located near HCMC center, SPCT port, the airport and accessible by public utility vehicles from the main road. It has a huge power, desalination plant and attract workforce that help to supply the needs of enterprise’s growing population. A diverse range of businesses have decided to locate in the Long Hau Industrial Park, which offers best facilities in area.


Junction of Tan Lap Street – Long Hau Commune and Long Hau– Hiep Phuoc Street

TOTAL AREA: 15,477 m2  (including 9 factories divided into Block A and Block B)

1.Three-layer security system

Security around the industrial park, security at the gate, camera surveillance

2.High quality construction  

Using high quality materials: floor 2 tons /m2 , Epoxy resin, Bluescope steel 

3.Costs and time saving 
Fully equipped offices are available and ready for use immediately


AdvantagesCompound Warehouse T4 Industrial land
Diverse and flexible areaFrom 800 m2  – 1,200 m2 5,000 m2  or more
Investment time saving  
-Initial handoverComplete factory with system of officesThe elevation of land plot is 1.8m
-Time to start operationEnterprises can go into operation immediately after the handover eventAbout 6 months to 1 year, depending on the implementation progress of each enterprise
-Necessary equipment (fire protection, electricity, water ...)Available for each factory and the whole T4 buildingEnterprises must obtain the licenses before installation of equipment required by law 
-Leasing termFlexible, the rental term is acknowledged from the date of signing leasing contract to the expiry of the lease.The entire leasing term, long or short, depending on the time of signing the leasing contract
Costs saving  
-Initial construction investment costsEnterprises do not need investment funds for initial constructionEnterprises need large investment funds for initial construction
-Maintenance teamLong Hau Industrial Park has a ready-to-serve maintenance teamDepending on needs of enterprises
-Infrastructure maintenance feeNoAccording to the general tariff of the industrial zone
-Compound design with separate boundary wallsGood security with 24/7 security at the gateAccording to each enterprise



Hamlet 3, Long Hau Ward, Can Giuoc District, Long An Province
Hotline: 0906 938 599 
Phone: (028) 3718 8927
Fax: (028) 3781 8940
Sales & Marketing Dept. (028) 3937 5599

The project is located strategically right in the heart of Southern Economic Region
RBF 3A project is divided into 5 phases. The 1st phase - RBF 3A 26-25-24-23 is under progression

Each RBF is structured with 2.716 sqm of workshop and 300 sqm of office space

1.   Leasing price
Workshop: 10.866
Office: 1.204
Workshop: 5.8 USD
Office: 6.8 USD

Management feeincluded

Workshop: 2.716
Office: 300,8 (2 tầng)
Workshop: 2.716
Office: 300,8 (2 tầng)
Workshop: 2.716
Office: 300,8 (2 tầng)
Workshop: 2.716
Office: 300,8 (2 tầng)
* VAT% exclusive
2.    Method of payment & deposit
Time of payment
DepositAfter signing the deposit agreementEquivalent to 6-month leasing price
Payment25th day of every month 
Minimum contract term: 6 years (The rent will be fixed in the first three years of the Workshop Lease Contract, and will be increased 10% for the following 03 year period in accordance with the unit price of the Workshop Lease Contract)
3.    Handover
Booking: NOW
Handover: QII/2022

1.    Suitable investors
  • Preferable industries: Hi-tech and supporting for hi-tech industries; Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices and Healthcare products manufacturing; Hi-tech and supporting for hi-tech industries; Mechanics, Engineering and Electronic; Environmental-friendly and clean industries; Chemicals, New Materials, R&D; etc.
  • Companies in HCMC area looking for standard workshops for business expansion in Long An province after COVID-19
  • Existing investors in Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, HCMC Hi-tech Park, Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park and other IPs in HCMC area
  • Foreign investors from USA, EU, UK, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, South East Asia, India, Australia, etc. are coming to Vietnam in production shift wave post-pandemic
  • Foreign investors having plan to enter Vietnam’s potential consumers market
2.    Detailed specifications

Lot 3A, Long Hau IP 3
In the front of Road No.10: 24m width

ScaleLand area: 17.000 sqm
Workshop area: 10.866 sqm
Office area: 1.204 sqm

Power source

Low voltage electricity customized for RBF 3A
Each workshop has its own safety electricity box
Clean water source10,000 – 12,000 cubic meter/day
Fire protectionSprinkler and alarming system including smoke and temperature detecting devices
Lighting systemHigh-pressure mercury light 125W -220V

Floor capacity 2.000 kg/sqm
Epoxy finishing

CeilingBluescope Kiplok tole 0.47mm thickness
Under-ceiling insulation sheet
Automatic rolling door5x6m, auto locking
WindowSteel frame with glass
HeightTop height 10.36m and ceiling height 6m
OFFICE (2 floors)
FloorCement finishing with tiles

Waterproof aluminum curved frame, gypsum ceiling, 3m height

WallPainted brick wall
Door and windowAluminum window frame with glass, hinged main door
Monitor and security roomInside office, area 32,4 sqm, aluminum window frame with glass
LightingMercury light, downlight, emergency light, exit light


Contact to:

Address: Hamlet 3, Long Hau Ward, Can Giuoc District, Long An Province
Hotline: 0906 938 599 - (028) 3937 5599


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