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Partner Day LHC 2022 – Comprehensive cooperation opportunities for businesses

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The sudden appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic in the past two years has disrupted the global supply chain, affecting the manufacturing and business activities of many Enterprises that depend on imported raw materials. In Vietnam, the trend of localization has revived many Enterprises, opening a new direction that brings long-term benefits to all parties. Especially, in the period of recovering and boosting manufacturing after the pandemic, Enterprises need to link more closely, forming an effective supply-demand linkage chain.

Following the success of the past two events in 2019 and 2020, Partner Day 2022 with the theme "200+ Business Community - Bounce back together" clearly shows the strong connection spirit between Enterprises in the progress of recovering manufacturing and business activities, adapting to the "new normal" conditions, aiming to promote trade connections; creating favorable conditions for domestic Enterprises as well as FDI Enterprises inside and outside Long Hau Industrial Park to seek business cooperation opportunities.

Supply-Demand connection: Cooperation establishment right at the event

Partner Day 2022 is expected to create many direct effective connections between Enterprises and many activities to connect supply and demand in various fields such as food, supporting industry, logistics, construction, etc. In direct exchange, Enterprises can become each other's partners if the appropriate criteria are met.

This is a big chance for domestic manufacturing Enterprises to participate in the FDI Enterprises’ supply chain. In the opposite direction, FDI Enterprises can establish relationships with domestic companies in downstream industries to purchase input products to serve the production and business process, thereby effectively enhancing bilateral links.

The event was held at Long Hau Trade Center with a view of the green campus, creating an opening and comfortable feeling for businesses to easily connect and interact.

Access multi-channel services

Not only fully updating information on supply needs, at Partner Day LHC 2022, Enterprises will also access multi-channel services right at the event such as banking, legal, customs, human resource training, etc., prepare for investment or market expansion in Vietnam. In addition, Enterprises can visit and learn about products of manufacturers inside and outside Long Hau Industrial Park at the exhibition area, display products, and update the service ecosystem in the area to build future cooperation plans.

Open panel discussion: Valuable perspectives on the market

In addition to networking activities, Partner Day is managed to have a panel discussion around the following topics: Challenges for Manufacturing Enterprises in the post-COVID-19 period, the trend of increasing the localization rate of FDI Enterprises, solutions for supply chain disruption etc., to exchange, question and answer, share practical experience with experts and representatives of domestic and foreign Enterprises, get a multi-dimensional view of the market. Thereby, Enterprises will soon grasp information on investment and manufacturing markets in the country and the world, enhance forecasting ability, and proactively develop appropriate strategies for each period.

6 speakers from the leading prestige businesses, international trade associations, and consultancy units will participate in the panel discussion.

Understanding the needs of existing Enterprises inside and outside Long Hau Industrial Park as well as FDI Enterprises about to invest in Vietnam's market, LHC regularly organizes networking events, legal consulting programs, and other supporting services. After two successful periods, Partner Day continues is proved to be a practical activity, becoming a connection center that brings a lot of value to businesses, contributing to the formation of supply chains and effective industry linkages in the region.

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