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Currently, the city of Da Nang is promoting the development of the semiconductor industry. This is a promising step as Vietnam and the United States have agreed to strengthen cooperation in science, technology, and innovation in the digital field.
Semiconductor industry and development trends
Semiconductor chips are an essential component of digital devices and are the key to new technologies such as AI, 5G, big data, and IoT. The value chain of the industry is global, with the United States leading in design and equipment supply. In contrast, Taiwan leads in manufacturing technology, producing chips for leading technology companies such as Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, AMD, and Nvidia.
Currently, the United States is the country with the highest value in the global value chain for the semiconductor industry.
Currently, the city of Da Nang is promoting the development of the semiconductor industry. This is a promising step as Vietnam and the United States have agreed to strengthen cooperation in science, technology, and innovation in the digital field. Under this agreement, many "big names" in the US semiconductor industry are looking for opportunities to invest and develop in Vietnam's new market, specifically at the country's hi-tech development centers, including Da Nang.
Special advantages of Da Nang
Available supply chain for the hi-tech industryOne of the 3 centers in Vietnam with the presence of the semiconductor industry
Da Nang has about 250 businesses operating in the field of production, processing, and assembly of electronic components.Integrated circuit companies such as Synopsys, Uniquify, Savarti, Renesas, Synapse, Fptsemi, Sanei Hytechs… with about 550 engineers.
Complete infrastructureConvenient international trade location
The infrastructure of industrial parks, hi-tech parks, and IT ensures that it is ready to serve electronics, semiconductor, and semiconductor groups and enterprises.Easy access to regional markets and major economic centers in the world.
The Da Nang Hi-tech Park has completed its infrastructure and is ready to welcome investors.
Positive signals from Da Nang
1. Priority for the development of the design and production of integrated circuits
The People's Committee of Da Nang City has issued Plan No. 163/KH-UBND dated August 16, 2023, on the development of the information technology industry in the city to 2030, in which it identifies the priority development of the integrated circuit design and production industry.
2. Da Nang successfully attracts a hi-tech FDI project with a capital of 135 million USD
Foxlink International Investment Ltd (Taiwan, China) will invest in the Foxlink Da Nang electronic factory project at the Da Nang Hi-tech Park, producing hi-tech electronic devices (touch pens, wireless headphones, batteries, charging stations, electronic printed circuits, etc.).
3. Accelerating the training of hi-tech human resources
Da Nang plans to announce the Integrated Circuit Technology Training Program in the fourth quarter of 2023. It also promotes the training of high-quality human resources in the fields of chip semiconductor technology, renewable energy, etc. These are important and potential areas that investors and businesses from the United States and other hi-tech and integrated circuit powerhouses are looking to invest in the city.
Hi-tech factory solutions in Da Nang
Location: Da Nang Hi-tech Park - Hoa Lien Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City 

In the context of a volatile market, investors are more cautious and carefully consider expanding production. At this time, businesses need an investment plan with optimal capital to minimize risks and shorten the time to start operations. Meeting these criteria with low investment capital, available infrastructure, and no construction time and procedures, ready-built factories continue to be a safe and effective production and business option.

Long Hau Hi-tech Factory Area in Da Nang Hi-Tech Park (Hoa Lien Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City) has a scale of nearly 30 hectares, located in the planning of the hi-tech supporting area. Here, Long Hau Corporation develops ready-built service factories and builds in order to better serve the group of hi-tech and hi-tech supporting enterprises. Standard design for the hi-tech industry with rental area from 1,500 sqm to 8,000 sqm, including production space, office, and warehouse.
Long Hau Hi-tech Factory Cluster – Phase 1 has received 2 Japanese investors.
Currently, Long Hau Joint Corporation has 4 factories with a total area of over 20,000 m2. Of these, 2 factories have received 2 Japanese investors to rent, implement production, and export products. The remaining 2 factories are negotiating with an electronic investor from Taiwan, which is expected to create additional momentum to attract investment for the Da Nang Hi-tech Park.
Long Hau Industrial Park - Partner in success
Address: Hamlet 3, Long Hau commune, Can Giuoc district, Long An province
Hotline: (+84 28) 3937 5599 - (+84) 906 938 599
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