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Renovating the factory to welcome the "new normal" with LHC

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As part of a series of activities accompanying Enterprises to restore production after the Covid-19 pandemic, LHC continues to implement the program: “Factory renovation - welcome the new normal”.
After a long pause because of Covid, many businesses have returned to restore production. Also from here, LHC recorded an increase in the need for repair, renovation & upgrading of factories for the purpose of remanufacturing.

With the goal of supporting, accompanying and sharing difficulties with your business in Long Hau Industrial Park, Enterprises that have used Long Hau services can rest assured to renovate and repair their factories in the new normal period. Long Hau Corporation (LHC) deploys the program “Factory renovation - welcome the new normal”, Your business can fully enjoy the policy of maximum cost savings with details as follows:
The building will be gradually degraded over time, so if it is not repaired and renovated in time, it will disrupt the production process of the enterprise.
Accordingly, for customers signing a contract for Factory Repair - Renovation Services (during the application period of the program):
Renovation items include:
  • Renovating and upgrading the entire factory;
  • New construction: warehouse, working room, office partition;
  • Replace roof, raise roof, anti-leakage, waterproof treatment;
  • Anti-subsidence, anti-cracking floor treatment.....
  • Other repair needs
Service contracts valued at VND 20 million or more:
  • Free service package Making Environmental Monitoring Report every 06 months / 2022 (*)
    Free labor recruitment: 10 PTs or 5 skilled workers at level 3/7 (*)
Service contracts valued at VND 50 million or more:
  • Free service package for making periodic environmental monitoring reports for the whole year 2022 (*)
    Free labor recruitment: 10 PTs or 5 skilled workers at level 3/7 (*)
Note the companion policy scope:
(*) Free Periodic Environmental Monitoring Report preparation including:
- Monitoring indicators: pH, BOD5, COD, TSS, Total N (nitrate), Total P (phosphate), Coliform, Ammonium
- Scope of detail: performing observations, experiments, making reports, contacting state agencies to submit dossiers
and receive results instead of Enterprises
(**) Free labor recruitment: within 12 months from the date of signing the service contract

In addition, for more information about other services of LHC, please see the website:
Register to join the program:
For more information about the program, please contact the Organizing Committee:
Hotline: 0937 159 125 (Ms. Le Thi Ngoc Hau)
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