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Compilation of a list of high-tech products encouraged for development

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The list of high-tech products encouraged for development is specified in the Prime Minister's Decision No. 66/2014/QD-TTg.

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What are high-tech products?

Pursuant to Article 3 of the 2008 Law on High Technology, it defines:
- High technology means a technology with a high content of scientific research and technological development; integrated from modern scientific and technological achievements; create products with quality, outstanding features, high added value, and environmentally friendly; play an important role in the formation of a new manufacturing or service industry or the modernization of an existing manufacturing or service industry.
- High-tech products are products created by high technology, with outstanding quality, features, high added value, and environmentally friendly.
When wanting to produce high-tech products, enterprises should pay attention to the list of high-tech products encouraged for development to receive more preferential policies from the State.

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List of high-tech products encouraged to develop

On November 25, 2014, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 66/2014/QD-TTg on approval List of high technologies prioritized for development investment and The list of high-tech products is encouraged to develop.

1. Operating systems for computers and mobile devices; database management system; platform software providing value-added services;
2. The software ensures high level of security, network safety and information security;
3. Multi-factor authentication software and solutions;
4. Software that recognizes handwriting, images and sounds, gestures, movements, thoughts and biometrics;
5. Next generation network terminal control software. Soft phones and codecs that support multi-services on next-generation networks;
6. Software for RFID application system;
7. Software for processing medical and biological information;
8. Dedicated background software for measurement and control;
9. Application software and services in intelligent traffic system;
10. Design and optimization services of telecommunications networks and systems in the national telecommunications infrastructure;
11. Cloud computing system integration services;
12. Services for integrating IPv6 Internet application systems, mobile Internet, new generation Web;
13. Digital equipment for automatic data processing and transmission;
14. Large capacity data storage devices;
15. Smart cards and smart card readers;
16. RFID cards, RFID card readers;
17. Devices for recognizing handwriting, speech, images, gestures, movements, thoughts and biometrics;
18. Equipment ensuring security, network safety and information security at a high level;
19. Smart home equipment system;
20. System of intelligent control devices for net houses and greenhouses;
21. Intelligent traffic control system;
22. Next generation network equipment, software and accessories (NGN, LTE-A, IMT-advanced);
23. New generation Webcam; digital audio amplifier equipment; digital amplifier;
24. New generation intelligent mobile terminal;
25. Signal receivers, transmitters and converters used in digital television of the second and later generations;
26. New generation indoor/outdoor radio access equipment;
27. Parallel computers, high-performance computers;
28. High resolution screen;
29. New generation power electronic semiconductor components;
30. Integrated electronic circuit (IC);
31. Smart sensors and actuators;
32. Biochips; biosensors;
33. Flexible electronic products and circuits (FE);
34. Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS) and applied devices;
35. Small size electric motor with features and high quality;
36. Generating sets with a capacity of 50 MW or more;
37. Generators for thermal power plants with a capacity of 600 MW or more;
38. Power generation system using wind, solar, tidal, wave, geothermal energy;
39. Transformers 500 kV or more;
40. SCADA system for power grid. Digital relay protectors for electrical systems;
41. Smart power converter from wind and solar energy; high efficiency and environmentally friendly solar panels;
42. Power electronic converters for renewable energy generating stations, intelligent power transmission, industrial power transmission systems, large current electrolytic power supplies used in the chemical and mining industries ore;
43. Batteries and accumulators with high performance and large capacity; power accumulators using supercapacitors;
44. Digital measuring and monitoring equipment and instruments;
45. Laser rangefinder;
46. ​​Calipers of all kinds with an accuracy of 10 micrometers (microns); micrometer of all kinds with high accuracy;
47. Projector distortion;
48. Digital instruments and machines for measuring flow and pressure of liquids and gases;
49. Equipment and digital instruments for physical and chemical analysis;
50. Digital instruments and instruments for measuring viscosity, porosity, expansion, surface tension;
51. Digital instruments and apparatus for measuring heat, volume and light;
52. Oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, radiometers using digital;
53. Automatic controllers, monitors and actuators for synchronous equipment systems in petrochemical refineries, power plants, rotary kiln cement plants, food production lines , pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, processing agricultural, forestry, aquatic products, seafood and aquatic works;
54. Numerical control unit (CNC) for machine tools and processing machines;
55. Control devices and automatic systems for heavy lifting machines;
56. Automatic balancing system in ships;
57. Large ship cranes, large tonnage cranes;
58. Heavy lifting equipment;
59. Self-lifting rigs, semi-submersible floating rigs for oil and gas exploitation;
60. New generation high-precision mechanical machining center;
61. Open-chain industrial robots, parallel robots with 3 or more degrees of freedom;
62. Dedicated AC servo motor, multi-axis servo drive system, high-precision reducer for robots and CNC machines;
63. High-precision engineering molds;
64. New generation farming, tending, harvesting and post-harvest machines;
65. System of equipment for food processing and preservation of industrial scale;
66. Diagnostic imaging equipment;
67. Medical Image Storage and Transmission System (PACS);
68. Automated and synchronous testing system;
69. Function probe device;
70. Equipment for diagnosis and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular;
71. Medical laser equipment;
72. Digital microsurgery equipment;
73. Endoscopic diagnostic and therapeutic equipment;
74. Automatic infusion equipment;
75. Chemicals and biological products for automatic and synchronous testing systems;
76. Materials and products that implant, interfere with the human body;77. Compound optical microscope;
78. High quality lenses, prisms, contact lenses;
79. High-power laser generators (except laser diodes);
80. Satellites and satellite equipment;
81. Satellite terminals and transceivers;
82. Global positioning technology application equipment;
83. Aircraft and software to process data received from aircraft;
84. New key export plant and animal varieties created on the basis of high-yield, disease-free and high-quality cell technology are produced on an industrial scale;
85. High quality aquatic and seafood varieties, disease free, good growth and high disease resistance with industrial scale;
86. Microbial preparations used in agriculture, preservation and processing of agricultural, forestry, aquatic and seafood products, environmental treatment up to international standards;
87. New generation fertilizers and plant protection drugs up to international standards;
88. Plant growth regulators; new generation aquatic sex hormone drugs up to international standards;
89. The KIT diagnoses a number of diseases of plants and animals;
90. Natural, synthetic and pharmaceutical hormones containing hormones;
91. Recombinant DNA vaccines, recombinant protein vaccines for human, livestock, poultry and aquatic products;
92. Multivalent, multivalent vaccines;
93. Alternative cells, tissues and organs created from stem cells;
94. The KIT for diagnosis of diseases, control of food safety for humans;
95. Genetic testing services;
96. Semiconductor materials for manufacturing integrated electronic circuits (ICs);
97. Materials for manufacturing micro-electromechanical components and sensors according to new principles;
98. Optoelectronic and photonic materials;
99. High-purity materials produced by industrial-scale extraction technology;
100. Super flexible, super durable, super light, environmentally friendly materials;
101. Metal-based composite materials, high-molecular-weight composite materials applied in electrical and electronic engineering used in harsh environments, in durable construction with tropical climates;
102. Biodegradable polymeric materials; super-absorbent polymer using domestic raw materials;
103. High-grade specialized paint, environmentally friendly;
104. Specialized technical rubber and synthetic rubber materials for machinery, electrical and electronic manufacturing;
105. Technical ceramic materials for electrical and electronic industries;
106. High strength carbon fiber for composite materials;
107. New energy storage and conversion materials;
108. High-grade magnetic materials used in the energy sector;
109. Advanced nanomaterials for industry, agriculture, medical, biology and environment;
110. Thin film coating products by physical vapor deposition (PVD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology;
111. Composite pipes and fittings are resistant to high pressure and chemical corrosion for industrial applications;
112. High strength special alloy steel used in industry and construction;
113. High quality steel plate, large-format steel, seamless steel pipe;
114. High-grade aluminum products produced by electrolysis technology with a current of 500 kA.

In order to enjoy investment incentives in hi-tech parks, enterprises need to understand the evaluation criteria and requirements when applying for a high-tech enterprise certificate.

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