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Development of Danang High-Tech Park to meet business needs

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Playing a critical role to promote development in the Northwest of the city, Danang High-Tech Park (DHTP). Over the past years, there have been breakthrough developments, especially in investment promotion and infrastructure construction activities.

nha xuong cong nghe cao tai da nang

A series of projects serving the demand for stable connection and operation

The extended Nguyen Tat Thanh route directly connecting to the High-Tech Park is an important infrastructure in Da Nang's development strategy,  making the Park nearer and more convenient. The road is designed with a 39m wide, including 4 lanes with a total width of 15m, a 9m wide sidewalk, and a 15m wide median strip.

The extended Nguyen Tat Thanh road will narrow the distance from the city center to the Northwest area from 23 km to 11 km. As a result, transportation infrastructure is complete; Transportation network in the Northwest region is closely connected, enhancing the potential of DHTP.

duong nguyen tat thanh noi dai

duong nguyen tat thanh noi dai
Nguyen Tat Thanh Street extends to connect with Da Nang High-Tech Park

In mid-April 2019, the R-14 public bus route from the city center to the High-Tech Park was officially put into operation. Bus routes help solve the problem that has existed for many years on ensuring the safety and convenience of working for workers in High-Tech Park.

In parallel, the embankment of Hoa Trung flood drainage canal in the area of HTP is also gradually formed. The flood drainage canal is designed with a flow of 243.5m3 / s, the total length of the canal is over 2.5 km. The implementation of this canal is to reduce the flow of water discharge in the flood season of Hoa Trung Lake, ensuring safety for the High-Tech Park and people in the downstream areas.

kenh thoat lu hoa trung
The road of the embankment of Hoa Trung flood drainage channel is gradually taking shape

Many positive signs in attracting investment

Universal Corporation (USA) has chosen the DHTP as the place where Sunshine Aerospace Components Factory is located. It is expected to be an important link in the supply chain of Boeing, Airbus ... Besides, ESTEC Digital Factory (Bien Dong Auto Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. as an investor) inaugurated, becoming the first advanced project in automation and digitization came into operation at DHTP.

Another outstanding project, a high-tech factory, invested by Long Hau Joint Stock Company (LHC), was also started in February 2019. This is the first workshop project for rent in Danang High-Tech Park, providing a flexible workshop from 500m2 with full support services, targeting businesses in high-tech and supporting industries.

Currently, the project has completed phase 1 with a scale of 10,000m2 has been completed at Lot J4. Recently, Long Hau has officially handed over the factory to a Japanese enterprise as committed and welcomed many foreign investors to visit and learn about the investment environment here.

nha xuong cong nghe cao tai da nang

nha xuong cong nghe cao tai da nang
Korean businesses visit Long Hau High-tech Factory

Business Support Services

Besides providing production space, equipment, the DHTP needs more supporting businesses such as providing services: recruitment & training, consulting ... This is also the development lesson of Daedok CNC Area, Deajon City (South Korea), which is named the technology city.

Taking into consideration, Long Hau Corporation has implemented customer service to meet the diverse needs of businesses. It can be mentioned as legal services to support consulting, complete legal procedures, business registration to operate in Da Nang high-tech park.

Thanks to a strong network of universities, colleges and vocational training centers in Da Nang, Long Hau supports the search for qualified and skilled human resources for businesses when investing in high-tech parks. There are also other services such as renovating, repairing factories, providing industrial meals to help businesses operate efficiently and achieve sustainable growth.

dich vu khach hang
Long Hau Joint Stock Company implements business support services

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