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Long Hau Supplier Day - Strengthen our local supply chain

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Pham Trong Quan, general director of WAHL Vietnam, shared the difficulties faced by FDI enterprises in the supply chain search process. "The quantity of domestic suppliers are not enough which causes to time consuming in raw materials importation, affects on new products development, shorten life cycle time, creates economic risks such as low competitiveness,  poor quality, higher price,  high inventory... "
Understanding thoroughly the new investors difficulties in the investment process in Vietnam, Long Hau Joint Stock Company (LHC - investor of Long Hau Industrial Park projects) held Supplier Day which vision is  to support FDI enterprises, especially SMEs to shorten their search time for domestic suppliers.
There are 80 enterprises registered to participate in the booth, more than 400 enterprises attended and more than 300 connected sessions

Starting in 2017 and receiving many positive feedbacks, Long Hau Supplier Day in 2018 continues to be a potential trading forum that opening up many opportunities for co-development. At the event, many activities connected supplier and manufacturers including components, raw materials, machinery and equipment. Moreover, there are businesses serving the supporting industry that bringing diversity and richness in the program. There are 80 enterprises registered to participate in the booth, more than 400 enterprises attended and more than 300 matching sessions.

At the event this year, LHC has also launched an E-link portal. Businesses can update purchasing needs; create effective bridges, in quickly time without paying any cost. This is one of the leading works of LHC in supporting business that based upon Industry 4.0 application.
Mr. Bui Le Anh Hieu - Corporate Development Director of Long Hau Joint Stock Company announces the launch of E-link portal

In addition, there were talks on "Manufacturing in Vietnam and the Trade War Impacts" with two representatives from Dezan Shira & Associates Vietnam, Mr. Trent Davies and Mr. Filippo Bortoletti. The representative of Dezan Shira & Associates Vietnam also emphasized that domestic suppliers in Vietnam should be prepared to join the global supply chain, especially the wave of investment moves and plant relocation from China to Vietnam. In addition, at the event, the workshop "Breakthrough path to Smart Factory 4.0" updated the new production orientation in the factory with useful information.

This is the 2nd year LHC has organized and continued to receive much attention and support from domestic and foreign associations such as American Business Association (AmCham), European Business Association (Euro Cham), Association Australian Enterprise Association (Ascham), Singapore Business Association (SBG), Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Ho Chi Minh City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCID) ... 

Though the networking event was closed, the door to integrate into the foreign enterprise supply chain is opened wide, there will be promising opportunities to increase the rate of supply chain localization. Long Hau Industrial Park will continue to try creating more activities to tighten the relationship between enterprises to enhance LHC vision of becoming a connection center to bring more value to businesses and investors.
Long Hau Industrial Park - Partner in success
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