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The advantage of Long Hau’s ready-built factory in Da Nang

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Long Hau High-tech Auxiliary Factory is the first expansion project of Long Hau Corporation (LHC) in Da Nang coastal city. The project brings many advantages for businesses to choose here as a place to set up production factories.
Cost saving
Long Hau high-tech auxiliary factory - Da Nang is a model of factory for lease located in Da Nang hi-tech Park. The factory has a flexible area of 500-3,330 m2, with the expense from 3 USD per m2 per month. This is a relatively competitive rental price in the industrial real estate market in Vietnam, especially in the context of an increase in industrial property price amplitude.

Perspective of Long Hau high-tech factory project - Da Nang.
Another outstanding benefit for businesses renting factories here is the tax preferential policies. Businesses will be entitled to tax incentives in accordance with the policies of Da Nang hi-tech Park - enjoyed company income tax rate of 10% for 15 years, and the limited time will be granted up to 30 years for projects of capital scale from VND 3,000 billions and above. Besides, businesses are also exempted from company income tax for 4 years and 50% of payable tax for the next 9 years.

Time saving
It not only has the advantage of low cost, Long Hau factory in Da Nang integrates many advantages of an industrial real estate model which must include the factors quickly into operation and helping businesses save time. The experienced and consecutive support service of LCH in the field of industrial real estate will help businesses utilize the saving time before getting into operation. For businesses renting factories in the high-tech auxiliary zone, LCH will be the representative unit to support businesses to register their businesses through one-stop procedures as well as free legal and environmental consultancy services before going into operation.

Easy connection
The completed and sufficient infrastructure is also an important factor affecting the investment decisions and business operation process. Businesses easily access the technical infrastructure and take advantage of regional benefits when setting up production factories here thanks to the strategic position of Da Nang hi-tech Park.
Accordingly, the high-tech zone is the center connecting industrial parks in the Middle region, near the international airport and seaport system (5km from Lien Chieu port, 25km from Tien Sa port, 17km from Da Nang international airport, 22km from Da Nang city center ). This region is also recording the pace of vibrant infrastructure development in Da Nang and the rapid increase in young, abundant and civilized labor.
The factory belonging to the auxiliary zone of Da Nang Hi-tech Park has a key position.
LHC will be the pioneer unit in industrial service development in Da Nang high-tech zone. With experience in constructing and developing Long Hau industrial zone - one the elite industrial service zone in the South with enclosed facilities such as accommodations , supermarkets, clinics, kindergartens,... - LHC is continuously developing similar business support services chain and looking forward to build the second lasting environment in the Middle area.

Long Hau will continue to develop business support services chain in Da Nang.
LHC pledged to continue developing many utility services, helping businesses quickly reap success from investment projects.
With reasonable rental costs, high quality factories, plus tax incentives and support services, Long Hau high-tech auxiliary factory in Da Nang is the optimal solution for manufacturing businesses in high technology and supporting industry.

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